debbi_central_njThe Hold Me Tight NJ couples workshop will help you to understand your relationship in a deeper way and give you the tools to break old destructive patterns that arise again and again. You will learn ways to communicate and resolve your differences.  You can start to heal from past hurts and restore lost love. You can understand each other’s needs and learn how to fulfill them. You can build trust and feel safer and more secure both now and for the future. You can rekindle the spark and feel “in love” again. You can start having fun again and enjoy being playful and affectionate.

holdmetightYou’ll learn how to:

  • Address stuck patterns and negative cycles
  • Learn more about your partner’s inner world
  • Overcome loneliness
  • Repair and forgive past hurts
  • Deepen your emotional and physical connection
  • Have the relationship you always wanted.


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