Mid Michigan EFT Core Skills Hybrid OCT 2023


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EFT Core Skills Training is the next step toward EFT Certification. It is required that you participate in an Externship before attending Core Skills. * Training Days: CS 1: OCT 5-6, 2023 in person, CS 2: Dec 14-15, 2023 online, CS 3: Feb 1-2, 2024 online CS 4: March 14-15, 2024 in person.To start a payment plan, select the “Initial Deposit” option below.


Mid MI Core Skills Starting Oct 2023

This EFT Core Skills Training will be ONLINE and IN PERSON CS 1: OCT 5-6, 2023 in person (Stage 1 Part 1), CS 2: Dec 14-15, 2023 online (Stage 1 Part 2), CS 3: Feb 1-2, 2024 online (Stage 2 Part 1) CS 4: March 14-15, 2024 in person (Stage 2 Part 2).

In the event, there is an emergency and you can’t meet in person you will be able to continue and complete the CS trainings ONLINE.

Core Skills training consists of four, two-day trainings (12 hours each) that will focus on the core skills of each of the EFT steps/stages. The trainings will offer instruction, live case consultations, experiential exercises and group supervision as set forth by the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). Participants are required to have completed an EFT externship. Core Skills training can be applied towards certification. Final decision regarding readiness for certification is determined by the ICEEFT (

Video/Case Presentation Requirements: Each participant will have ½ hour during one of the 4 weekends in which to present a case. Each case presentation needs to include a 5 to 7 minute video or DVD recording along with a case presentation form.

This EFT Core Skills Training is the next step toward EFT Certification, and it is required that you participate in an Externship before attending Core Skills. Save $100 today by paying in full or select the installment that applies to your progress in this course. To begin, select initial deposit and click register.

Core Skills Learning Objectives:

Successful implementation of the EFT Tango

Diving Deeper on how best to apply the skills in specific scenarios

Enhance Therapists’ skills in helping couples heal and grow.

Train Therapists in methods to help more couples, more quickly, and more effectively.

Comments from past Participants:

“Debi was great fun and brought a sense of life and excitement to the entire experience. The relationships and encouragement were the highlights of the training for me.”

“Been to so many trainings over the past 20 years in my career and this by far was the best”

“LOVED it! Can’t wait to practice it! Debi was amazing — felt she was understanding.”

“Content is really well balanced between learning and experimenting. A well run workshop, thank you.”

“Debi is the best teacher EVER – clear, concise, supportive (and I’ve been to Gotmann 2x, Hendrix 2x and even Sue herself)”

“When the topic and training is top caliber and value is extensive then I will find a way to attend, thank you.”

“This was absolutely amazing! Very grateful.”

“Debi was very engaging, empathic, vulnerable and firmly planted in her beliefs, which made it easy to take a risk, be vulnerable, and quickly develop my belief in EFT”


Payment Information

The fee for each two-day weekend is $450. Participants must commit to all four weekends. Total fee is $1800. Please let Debi know if you are unable to attend one weekend due to scheduling so we can make arrangements for you to make up that weekend during another core skills series. To register and secure your spot in CS, please select Initial Deposit payment of $450. This deposit payment will be applied to CS 4 and payment of $450 will be due at CS1, CS2 and CS3.

OR SAVE $100 if you select pay in full for the series at the time of registration.

Fee will be $1700 instead of $1800

Cancellations are subject to a $150 administrative fee and must be made in writing at least one month prior to the first session to qualify for a refund for the core skills series. Once you register for Core skills you are responsible to pay the full amount for all 4 workshops during your series. If you can’t make a workshop or have a scheduling conflict, you will be able to make this up at any core skills series run by Debi Scimeca-Diaz.

Please note if you are interested in CEU’s for CS, there will be an additional fee of $35 collected during CS 4.  EFTCNJ is approved to provide 48 CEU’s by NASW-NJ. You must attend all 8 days of the training for CEU’s


This training will be partially online and partially in person at 1203 Wineleaf lane, DeWitt, MI

Facilitator: Debi Scimeca-Diaz, LMFT, LCADC, Certified EFT Trainer & Supervisor

Dates/Times: All trainings will be  9-5:30 pm DAY 1 and 9:00 to 3-4 pm DAY 2
(Please note times may be adjusted slightly)

Each CS 2 day will be a total of 12 training hours. Please block the day until exact times are sent out.

CS 1: Oct 5-6, 2023 THURS-FRI (Stage 1 Part 1). IN PERSON
CS 2: Dec 14-15, 2023 THURS-FRI (Stage 1 Part 2) ONLINE
CS 3: Feb 1-2, 2024 THURS-FRI (Stage 2 Part 1) ONLINE
CS 4: March 14-15. 2024 THURS-FRI (Stage 2 Part 2) IN PERSON

Video/Case Consultation Requirements: Each participant will have 20 minutes during one of the 4 weekends in which to present a case. Each case presentation needs to include a 10-minute video clip. To receive your ICEEFT certificate of completion for CS each person is required to present a video clip.

Please Contact Me if you have questions.