Accessing your videos

During check out, you would have made an account. You will need to be logged into that account in order to be allowed to view your content on the “Watch Now” page.

It’s likely that you made your account by logging in with Google or Facebook. Otherwise the checkout page made an account from your email and a password you typed in during checkout.


To login: Visit


If you need to reset your password… Go here: Your username can be the same as your email we sent your receipt to.
If you didn’t get that email it IS possible they wind up in your junk/spam folder from time to time.


Once you are Logged in you should be able to Click on the “Watch My Videos” link in the main menu under “EFT Videos” or it’s the first option on the menu at the bottom of the page.

Also, here is a link directly to it:


If you are logged in AND attempting to view a video you specifically completed a purchase for (we would have sent an email receipt confirming this) it should work fine, but there are a few common web browser errors that might trip us up. Here are the steps to fix them.

If you are having issues accessing your videos we can usually clear that up with a few simple steps.

Method 1:

Close all browser tabs/windows that have our website open. Then launch a new tab and try again.


If that doesn’t work…


Method 2:

Open our website in a private/incognito window in your browser. While this is a very common troubleshooting step not everyone has done it. If it sounds complicated a quick google/youtube search of “how to open a private window in (browser name here)” should set you up for success.


A similar step would be to try this process in another web browser or on a different device.


Login and click over to “watch now” as mentioned above.


Method 3:

ONLY if methods 1 and 2 didn’t work… At this point, you may have stumbled into a problem, and we want to fix it for you quickly!

Let us know and we will get our tech team on it. You can help us speed up our resolution time with a couple of notes.


Please know what email is associated with your account. (The one that got the receipt)

And tell us what you can about what device & browser you were using when you couldn’t access a training page you purchased

I hope this helps!


If you need help processing or adjusting your registration or have other business correspondence please use the information below.


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