HOLD ME TIGHT® A Couples Workshop Retreat

The Breakthrough Couples Intensive to Improve Communication, Deepen Connection and Rekindle Love & Affection.

  • Unlock the Blueprint for Relationship Success
  • Master the Art of Forgiveness and Healing
  • Understand the Dynamics of Conflict
  • Rebuild Trust, Safety, and Security
  • Ignite the Flame of Love and Passion

This Transformative 2-day couples retreat will lead a small group of couples through a series of exercises, conversations, and challenges ending with the key to relationship success.  We offer an in person beach retreat or virtual retreat from the comfort of your own home.

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How HMT® Retreats Create Lasting Results

Your couples retreat will be led by Debi Scimeca-Diaz and Jeff Lynch.  Debi is a highly trained experienced couples therapist with over 25 years experience helping 1000’s of couple breakdown barriers in communication and rebuild a foundation of love and trust. Debi creates memorable experiences for those she works with, including the 100’s of therapists she has trained over the past 15 years.Jeff Lynch is an EFT therapist who has dedicated his career to helping couples overcome difficulties and strengthen their relationships.  Jeff spent 20+ years working as an attorney honing the skill of distilling complex concepts into easily understandable ideas.  He now brings those skills to every retreat, helping participants learn new ways to connect and build a more secure bond.

  • We don’t like cookie cutter approaches. Our workshop retreat is tailor made based on Debi’s 12 years of experience facilitating couples retreats based on EFT.
  • Some HMT workshops are shorter or spread out over several weeks. Based on our couples’ successful experiences we know the best format is 2 full days.
  • Additionally you will leave with a handbook tailored specifically to your relationship.  The handbook will include a roadmap showing how your relationship got off course and a path to healing & repair.
  • A 45 minute follow up appt with Jeff is included in your workshop fee. Available for up to 90 days after the workshop.
  • We offer a no hassle money back guarantee.*

3rd Party Case Studies Results

This Hold Me Tight Workshop® is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  EFT for couples is the leading empirically validated form of couple therapy. Time tested and researched for over 30 years. 

A 2022 Study of 330 couples found that 70% were symptom free at the end of EFT treatment and these gains lasted up to 2 years post treatment.

A 2018 study in Denmark showed significant reductions in relationship distress following a HMT® workshop.

A 2016 study looking at couples over a 24 month period found that EFT helps couples create lasting relationship satisfaction and attachment change.

Hear From These Couples Who JUST Finished Our Workshop

Here’s what we will cover during the two days:

  • Unlock the Blueprint for Relationship Success:
    Explore the essential elements that form the bedrock of healthy, joyous, and flourishing relationships. Understand the evidenced based foundations that set the stage for lasting connection and happiness.
  • Master the Art of Forgiveness and Healing:
    Uncover the profound strategies to find forgiveness, effectively navigate past hurts, and embark on a journey of genuine healing. Learn how to not just move forward but to thrive beyond the scars of the past.
  • Decode the Dynamics of Conflict Transformation:
    Gain insight into the driving forces behind conflicts and acquire the tools to reshape these dynamics. Discover the power to transform conflict into an opportunity for growth and understanding.
  • Ignite the Flame of Love and Passion:
    Discover the keys to rekindling love and reigniting passion. Through proven methodologies, reignite the spark that initially brought you together and embark on a journey of enduring passion.

PLUS – The Relationship Assessment that answers the question: Are You There for Me?

Please Call with Any Questions or Concerns

Retreat Itinerary: What to Expect

  • Day 1
    • Understanding the role of attachment in adult relationships.
    • Identifying patterns of interaction in your relationship that lead to conflict and/or distance.
    • Learn about the triggers/raw spots that fuel the pattern.
    • Identify the steps to work through negative patterns.
  • Day 2
    • Review the steps of Forgiveness that work to create healing
    • Learn more about how negative cycles can impact your sexual relationship.
    • Identify the steps in communication that strengthens relationships and builds lasting bonds.
  • After we review each topic area over the course of the 2 days couples will have the opportunity to have private new conversations with each other about the topic covered.
  • We have several trained EFT therapists who are available to assist couples during the breakout conversations.
  • This process creates a deep memorable experience for couples that can shift the dynamics in the relationship.

Cancellation Policy: Your registration fee is non-refundable. If unforeseen events prevent you from attending, you are welcome to transfer your registration fee to the next retreat with Debi and Jeff.  Please contact us for the next steps.  All workshops are enrolled on a first come first serve basis.

*Guarantee: If at the close of the 2nd day you do not have a deeper understanding of your relationship.  Let us know and we will refund your money. All Guarantee claims must be made via email within one hour of the workshop/retreat ending.

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  • ``Never in my life have I felt more open, vulnerable and connected with anyone``
  • ``I feel like we are closer after this experience than we've been in the 36 years we've been married.``
  • ``You are two talented and skilled therapists who ran a terrific workshop. When we needed extra help, you were able to encourage, nudge and prod, past comfort, and always with warmth and kindness``
  • ``Thank you for helping us find connection with each other. I now go home with hope.``
  • ``I would definitely recommend this workshop for couples at any stage in their relationship.``
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