Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a short-term treatment approach whose goal is the re-connection between partners. EFT, developed by Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg, is based on John Bowlby’s Attachment research over 50 years ago. Bowbly found that humans and higher primate animals appeared to have an innate need to feel attached to and comforted by significant others.

Adult attachment relationships are believed to have the same survival function as the mother-child bond, since ideally these attachments can provide the same love, comfort, support and protection throughout the life span. However, due to our relationship histories, and the negative interaction cycles we get into with our partners, many of us have difficulties with trust and expressing emotion to those who mean the most to us.

We view the building of “a safe haven” in your relationships as our primary task, and we will try to focus on your primary needs – to feel close, secure and responded to –which will help you identify and approach issues honestly, safely, and more quickly.

Once this safe haven and feelings of connection is established, you will be better able to manage conflict and the painful or difficult feelings that will inevitably arise from time to time in therapy. Furthermore, without so much defensiveness, you will be better able to problem-solve and heal.

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Research on the success of EFT:

EFT appears to move couples from distress to recovery for 70 to 75% of the cases, and creates improvements in 90% of the couples coming in for therapy. EFT has been used with many different types of couples in private practice, university training centers and hospital clinics. These distressed couples include partners suffering from disorders such as depression, post-traumatic stress and chronic illness.

To view further references, recent articles describing EFT therapy and books on EFT, please refer to the EFT website: www.iceeft.com.

Why I Love What I Do

Professional Help Makes A Big Difference
Debi Scimeca-Diaz, LMFT, LCADC

My favorite part about being an EFT therapist & Trainer is how much of a difference I make and how quickly. Some of my most successful clients were only in need of some education and some understanding but in our sessions watching the pieces fall into place to create lasting happiness really makes me love doing what I do.