Here are some Benefits of ONLINE GROUP Consult:

  1. Able to watch significant amount of tape (about 30 minutes when presenting your case; unlike 7 minutes clips we watched in CS).
  2. Safe and supportive learning environment.
  3. Gives you a chance to stay connected to the EFT model and other EFTers.
  4. Online platform I use allows you to see each other and is HIPAA compliant.
  5. Provides once a month EFT boost to your practice (we all know doing in EFT in isolation is really hard).
  6. Inexpensive way to stay connected and continue to learn.
  7. Each time you present a case in group consultation it can count as 1 hour (you can count up to 4) toward your requirement for individual supervision certification requirement or towards updating your status on ICEEFT once you complete CS.
  8. You can record ZOOM meetings when you are presenting a case and go back and review it.
  9. There is no long term commitment for group.

Group meets once a month for two hours.  Tuition is paid in full before the series starts.

If you are interested please email me at Group size is limited.

EFT Online Advanced Consult Group Meets 10am to 11:50am Eastern Starts Sept 2024

Click Below for exact dates.

EFT Consult Group Meets on zoom 10am to 11:50am Eastern Starts Sept 2024

Click Below for exact dates.

Advanced EFT Consult Group 10am to 11:50am Eastern Starts March 2024

Click Below for exact dates.

Here are some Instructions for ZOOM meetings online:

Once you register for group you will receive an email inviting you to a ZOOM meeting the first day of group or the day before.  Click on that link from your email. We will use this same link each time we meet (please be sure to keep the link for future meetings) It will bring you to “join meeting” 

First-time users will need to download and run the program to join the meeting THEN once you are in meeting you may need to download/run the program to use sound. Please be sure to do both steps. First-time users should log in around 5 minutes early so they can do this step.

Once you do this you will be in the meeting. Set your view of participants to gallery.

Be sure to wear headphones when in ZOOM meetings to minimize any feedback

If you are scheduled to present once you are ready to share your video you will need to

  1. Click the GREEN share screen ONCE then your screen will turn white 
  2. YOU MUST CHECK THE BOX on bottom left that says “Share computer sound” after you check this box on your left
  3. Then go to the bottom right and click on SHARE SCREEN.
  4. If you miss the share computer sound check box the video sound playback will not work and we will need to do this step over. 
  5. DON’T use google chrome as a browser because the sound often doesn’t work with this browser.  It is recommended to use internet explorer or safari.
  6. Once you share your screen and open your video, make sure you don’t open your video to full screen. Instead drag the corners of your video to make it bigger.
  7. NEXT step is to “open your chat box”. 
  8. To open your chat box, hover mouse at the top of your screen and a drop down menu will appear
  9. Click on More or the 3 dots and another drop down menu will open
  10. Click on chat. Your chat box will open and you will need to drag it around your screen to find a good spot for it.

If you are a first time MAC user and are presenting please go into system preferences, security / privacy general and click the lock at bottom (click the lock to make changes) and add your password.

Be sure to USE COMPUTER or LAPTOP only when presenting a case. DO NOT USE an iPad or google chromebook. If you are not presenting you can join the meeting from your iPad or smaller device.

If you would like to record supervision, please ask so I can give you permission to record at the time of your presentation.

If any problems during our meeting time please text me at 609-915-9387