Thank you for this opportunity! Opportunity to look at my marriage, revisit my fears in a safe place, and learn to share them with the man that holds my heart. Thank you for providing a secure place where my husband and I could learn how to communicate… and most of all, that we are not broken because of each other and unfixable. Instead, it is not our fault, and together we can have what we both want, a connection, through better communication and identifying the dance. This weekend has allowed me to see my husband more as a man with feelings and the importance of talking about our feelings in a safe way. I didn’t realize what part I played until this weekend and I really appreciate that. Thank you.

Thank you for bringing me and my wife closer. We are currently in separation and were moving towards a divorce. This workshop was incredibly helpful in understanding one another and listening to each other. I hope more couples take the chance to come and experience how fulfilling it really is.

I must admit that I was skeptical coming to your workshop. Having witnessed my parents attend a “Marriage Encounter” weekend back in the 80’s that didn’t go so well, I had a lot of fear that this weekend would make things worse. Not so!. I am so grateful for the closeness my husband and I have been able to achieve. The exercises were orchestrated in a way that allowed us to establish a deep level of trust that was necessary to break through fears that we’ve secretly been dealing with for decades. I have a certain amount of regret that we’ve wasted so much time. But I am so happy to be leaving here today in a place in our relationship that is both vulnerable and strong. You have helped us by giving us tools to move past hurt, fear, anger, and shame. Thank you.

I am so grateful for this workshop. Before coming here this weekend I was feeling like my relationship was entering a hopeless place. With both of your help, I was able to understand my husband more than I have ever before, along with understanding some things that I hadn’t realized about myself. I was able to open up about things I feel inside that I had pushed back because of that hopeless feeling and was also able to see things about my husband’s feelings in a new light and realize that a lot of our fears were very much alike. I realized his pain was as great as mine. You have given us a fresh start and for that, I am so incredibly grateful! Thank you both so much. I think this workshop is the best thing that could have happened to us.

This workshop experience has been one of the most profound experiences of our marriage. Although my husband and I communicate often, we can now identify our demon dialogue and we hope to have countless successes stopping it in its tracks. We’ve learned that we are not one another’s enemies. Moreover, the “forgiving injuries” portion provided us with essential tools for moving on after hurts occur in our marriage. The activities and models (via video) helped us view our own relationship with a new lens. I’ve learned the rationale for many of my behaviors. I have the utmost confidence that your delivery, presentation, and tools will strengthen our marriage. Best regards.

I am so happy that my wife and I attended the HMT workshop. I have never been to any group environment before like this. The program really made me delve deeper into our relationship and myself. It brought out some inner feelings that have been buried forever while providing the tools to learn how to begin to communicate them with my wife. You both were great presenters of the program and it was evident that you both have a passion and knowledge of it. Because of this, I think that it was very effective. I really believe that we are in a much better place leaving than when we arrived. Now we need to continue into our daily lives with what we’ve learned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I feel like this weekend has changed my life! I felt like our relationship would never be okay, but you have given me hope. We now have tools and I feel we will be okay. It will be hard work but it is worth it. Both of you are exceptional facilitators. You know so much about the topic and leave no stone unturned. Please continue your great work! Thanks again.

I just want to say that this has been the nicest experience my wife and I have had in the entire 15 years that her and I have had as a couple. For that, I can’t thank you enough!

The experience of the workshop has been an eye-opening one and I’m truly grateful that we came to this point at an earlier stage in our marriage and establishment of our family. I’ve gained new confidence in myself and the bond with my wife this weekend and am able to take these newfound tools with me to continue to strengthen our relationship. I was so unsure of my connection with my wife and truly crippled by my own insecurities before going through the workshop that I would have continued down the same hopeless path. Thank you so much for the gift you’ve given us and the breath of fresh air that I now feel like I have. I will never forget this experience and it’s been one of the most meaningful experiences of my relationship with my wife, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

The night before the workshop, I said I wasn’t going to come. I was so hurt and disconnected from my husband for so long that I thought there was no hope. For some reason, I decided to come. Never in my life have I felt more open, vulnerable, and connected with anyone. The attachment model is so on target. My husband has never opened up or been vulnerable with me before this weekend. Today he looked me in my eyes, revealed his fears, and asked me to keep fighting. He also stopped and heard me truly. I know we have uncertainties to work through but I have intense hope that we can grow and overcome these obstacles now that we know how to stop the insanity and work together in a deep and connected way. Thank you

Thank you so much for this experience. Thank you for creating a safe environment for me and my wife to share our deepest emotions. While at times raw and deep, the exercises and conversations you helped facilitate will surely help us in growing a deeper and richer bond in our marriage. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Wow! That is all I can say. There are no coincidences so it is not by chance that my husband and I ended up spending the weekend with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so grateful to have the tools we now have to help us on the wonderful journey of our marriage. We felt our scenario was a bit different than many others in our group but had many similar struggles nonetheless. The entire workshop from start to finish was relevant, engaging, and informational. The two of you together are like a well-oiled machine. Your level of expertise and ease at which you presented very delicate topics put everyone at ease. The videos were all very touching and the sense of safety you created for all in the room was truly what allowed us to open up so freely. We are so ready and willing to move on and create a loving, happy and successful life together for us and our blended family. I feel so light and free right now thanks to your leadership and guidance. Many blessings to you both.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity to offer this workshop experience – it truly has been wonderful. I needed to really become focused on how important this relationship process is in my life – to cherish and honor what a great fortune and gift I have in my relationship with my wife. I have renewed hope and optimism for life! Thank you for your service, thank you for your expertise and professionalism. I would highly recommend this workshop to any couple at any stage in their relationship.

Thank you for holding this workshop. It has been a great experience. Not always easy, but full of good and practical advice. I don’t know how often I’ve thought how helpful the presentations and discussions were. You’ve opened my eyes many times. I feel we are much better prepared to address the challenges we may face. Thank you both.

I was apprehensive before arriving at the workshop not knowing what to expect. You both did a great job of relieving the apprehension with your approach to things. I learned a lot from the experience and it felt good to know we’re not the only ones going through the challenges. The material struck multiple chords within me and made me realize several of the pitfalls we fall into. You guys gave me insights and triggers for me to recognize in our relationship to help avoid falling into some traps we tend to fall into. I would highly recommend this workshop, with you guys particularly, to anyone.

This workshop was so far beyond what I was expecting. Part of me was hesitant and nervous that it might now have the benefit I hoped for. I was so wrong. You both took deeply hard topics and discussions and guided us with ease and grace to where we needed to go. Without pushing, you directed us to places that we needed to go. Finally, you helped us find the tools we needed, without giving them to us. And you let us know to expect struggles as part of the process, so long as we keep trying. Thank you both for everything.

Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with my husband and me and the rest of the group. It was a very emotional experience to be a part of – and I even got so much out of watching other couples have breakthroughs here this weekend. I am feeling raw from all we discussed, but it’s a good raw. Forcing me to bring issues to the surface even though it is much safer to keep them stuffed away. I leave knowing my husband loves me very much, that we still have a lot to work on, but also that we have come a long way! Hopefully when we walk through our “thorn bush” we will start to stop before we get stuck in it. And maybe eventually we will cut that “thorn bush” down. Many thanks.

This experience has been terrific. At first, I was reluctant to attend, concerned that if we went off the rails would there be someone there to keep us on track without hurting each other more. But you both satisfied that concern with your attention to detail. I hope, hope, hope that we can continue to reach each other’s deepest emotional vulnerabilities and provide a safe place to share our real feelings and needs. I know each of us will benefit from it.

This session meant and impacted us so much and hit home more than ever – the do’s and don’ts – staying away from the demon dialogues. I truly loved and appreciated the safe and secure environment that was created through this workshop which allowed us to explore our relationship without falling into any dangerous pitfalls we so often find ourselves in. We came close but managed to come back and regroup. I just hope and pray we can take these tools and lessons and create a safe place ourselves when in the face of adversity. It feels like we may be able to help ourselves to create a safer and more loving relationship because of the workshop awareness. At the very least avoid the triggers that create the demon dialogues. Thank you.

Thank you so much for guiding us in the right direction to help us make the step towards each other rather than our usual pushing away. It will be hard but there were many points that you brought up that helped me to realize my part of the dance where I need to learn to acknowledge and accept my husband’s step towards me and to take it in. You did this by really making this workshop informational as well as funny at times even though it’s such an emotional and exhausting journey. Thank you so much for your support!

I love my husband deeply and feel blessed, but have had a place of “missing” something. Being taught and then invited to experience what was learned opened up a piece to our relationship that is so valuable. I have unfairly accused my husband of being shut down emotionally when in reality water seeks its own level. Debi gave me courageous feedback about my own disconnected process so I could then slow down and be more available. Both of you do a good clear job of explaining the Hold Me Tight process. You both exude respect for the model and a playful appreciation for one another. This has been a great opportunity for strengthening our loving connection. Oh if others would be able and willing to partake it would make a huge difference in their marriage.

Wow. It is really hard to put into words the gift you have given to my marriage. I am exhausted but in a good way. My husband and I love each other and have always known it, but that’s it – we forgot how to feel it. You gave me the space to go to that vulnerable, insecure place with my husband, where I am afraid of rejection, being laughed at, being unlovable – You helped me feel safe enough to show him these fears, and more than that, you helped him to be there for me, and to open up to me, so I could be there for him. The gift you have given us is the best – invaluable gift – that keeps on giving – LOVE – a deeper love and connection. Debi & Alan – the human beings that you are, the accepting, generous, open human being that you are, is a gift for anyone who knows you. I feel so lucky to have met you – my life changed. I truly feel the next 30 years of my life are going to be the best. Thank you!

Wow. Thank you so much for your time, your effort, your passion, and most of all, your authenticity and vulnerability in running this workshop. What a special two days – time carved out of a chaos-filled life – it was an amazing gift to be here and focus on our marriage. You both have a fabulous and warm partnership that complements and balances each other and gives a rich, rounded touch to the HMT curriculum. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much for this HMT weekend. It definitely surpassed my hopes and expectations. It took me one year to convince my husband to come with me and we both arrived on Friday slightly anxious about what would happen. We really learned a lot. I was afraid we would not put our defenses down, but we did. Alan really helped my husband get to a new place of vulnerability on Saturday, and it was so connecting and moving for me to watch him allow himself to go there – that is a moment I will treasure and take with me. It was hard to get vulnerable during some of our private conversations, but regardless the conversations were still meaningful and helped move us to a new connected place. Thank you so much!!

The workshop was a positive experience, I learned some things about myself that will help me be in touch with my feelings. It is hard to put aside what your brain is telling you and think with your heart. It made me realize how your growing-up experiences are still with you and you bring them to your relationship. I hope I can use some things I’ve learned to keep improving our relationship. I was skeptical about this workshop – tried to read the book – wasn’t too interested. But I found that seeing other husbands dealing with similar issues was helpful. Thank you both for caring enough to share your own feelings and presenting an interesting program.

Thanks for all your assistance during this workshop. I felt really held by both of you when we had the opportunity to work together. You provided various ways to get the message across – through videos, role-plays, and open discussions. I just want to let you know how much I really appreciate that the combination of the two of you provided just the right amount of passion and calmness that we needed to go through this challenging material. Thank you!

Thank you both for spending some individual time with us as a couple during the workshop. I really appreciated Alan suggesting that I take and celebrate the moments of connection and vulnerability that my husband and I could share, rather than pursuing ruthlessly for more and staying/hiding behind my own protective walls. I enjoyed the pretty, sweet and loving music used during the workshop. I have been grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to learn more about our relationship and how to create our own special connection! Thank you always!

This workshop did not meet up to my expectations at all – not in the least. Here is the list: I did not feel humiliated nor was I clear about my multiple failures as a husband and human being. I did not feel tricked into sharing my guts with my wife in a way that I would rather have poked a sharp stick into my eye. The conversations with my wife did not lead to my head and heart exploding in stress and shame. I did not fall asleep at any time or ever become bored to tears. I did not leave at odds or shame to my wife – we left closer and loving more. I’m not hoping that this experience will quietly fade and be forgotten. I can’t go home and say “that was stupid so let’s just forget it and get back to our regular normal lives”. Now I am compelled to actually use what we learned here at home for at least a week or two.

Thank you so much for this awesome workshop. The two of you are what made this workshop great and the material come alive. I am a heady, analytic man who typically only shows my wife vulnerability I have already figured out, that I feel safe sharing. You, and the material, and the workshop format helped me to crack my shell and show my wife vulnerabilities that I felt truly fearful about. showing her – and she didn’t run away. I can’t believe it! And I was also able to listen to my wife, have my reactions kick up, and not run away. I was able to stay, listen to her, Whether the situation is right or wrong, her feelings are her facts. I respect that and am here for the long haul. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you so much for presenting this class and the material. The viewpoint and additional insights that you both provided were invaluable. The Hold Me Tight Workshop could be the beginning of saving our marriage. The tools and ability to say how we really feel and get past our immediate defensive reaction and endless circle of trying to/wanting to improve the marriage but presenting it the wrong way or having it perceived the wrong way can be broken. Next step is marriage counseling and hopefully a much better and stronger marriage in the future.

Thank you for putting together such a compelling, well facilitated two days. The rhythm and tone you set were excellent and the mix of provocative clips, whole group discussions, and dyad work was a nice set of complementary experiences. We’ve been working with several marriage counselors over the course of our marriage and this is the first time we’ve interacted with the EFT framework. We found this framework to be particularly helpful, more than any other tools we’ve used. Thanks again; you are all pros.

This program has given me so much insight into meeting my partner’s needs, wants, desires. Even more, I have learned so much about myself and my contributions and shortcomings to my relationship. Being able to see from both sides has given us a great foundation to move forward from, to learn from, and to love from.

I want to thank both of you for the wonderful experience of your workshop. It opened my eyes to many things and I learned so much not only about my partner, but also about myself. Listening to others and your teachings I learned that my feelings and reactions are normal and there are others just like me. You gave me the tools to be able to handle those tough situations and conversations in my relationship. You’ve opened my eyes to see that things can be better and we have the ability to change them. Our love for one another was never in question. It was always our ability to understand our differences and needs and learn how to deal with that. I plan to apply what I’ve learned to take our relationship to where it needs to be.

I was deeply touched by both of you. Thank you for sharing so personally with us. I appreciate that the group was small and intimate. The videos and choice of music were wonderful also. Most powerful were the examples of the babies/children. So pure, so real, so beautiful. I was surprised how deep we delved, but thanks to Alan for his help with that. The breakout sessions, and breaks, all good. Thank you. A heartfelt thank you.

Thank you. This workshop came at a perfect time. I feel like this workshop brought so much together for us and catapulted us to the next level, a good level. I think this has brought us closer together as a couple and in our relationship, even though personally we may not be at the same place emotionally or vulnerably. As I said out loud to the group, having the time and space over the two days allowed me – I think both of us – to be more vulnerable and take more risks – than we can in 1-hour sessions a few times a month. This workshop has catapulted us to another level. Thank you.

My wife started this weekend stating that if this doesn’t work, we’re done. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I do feel more positive as I leave. Dr. Alan, you have very special expertise in drilling down to target issues and emotions and I sincerely appreciate your time. Hearing and listening to you both working with the other couples illustrated how similar our issues are. This is hard! It is also emotionally draining. I hope the tools learned will result in many more years of marriage.

Thank you for a great workshop. I plan on using these tools to help make it to our silver anniversary and beyond! My husband finally showed some vulnerability and emotion that he had been holding back for so many years. Some serious hurts have been acknowledged and apologized (heartfelt, not just a quick sorry). I am feeling more hopeful from this weekend. Thank you.

Thank you for a great couple of days. The workshop helped create a foundation and structure for difficult but important conversations. There was just the right amount of formal presentation and time for individual/partner time. Good handout materials and PowerPoint presentation, and the songs and clips were perfect to help evolve and compliment the emotions and conversations. Thank you again for a very meaningful 2 days.

My hope for this workshop was that it would be the thing that I needed to ultimately make some tough decisions about my marriage. I was nervous and exhausted just thinking about the work we were going to do. What I found instead is that the days flew and the emotional connection we were able to achieve was beyond my expectations. Unlike our therapy sessions at times we were able to avoid our dance-off almost entirely and develop a new level of compassion and respect for each other’s thoughts and emotions. Thank you for your honesty and leadership through one of the most important times in our marriage. I feel more confident than ever that we are armed with all the tools we need in our toolbox to make it through our storms. Many thanks.

Thanks for a beautiful weekend. You guys brought us a lot of things that we would never talk about. You made it special! Thank you.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend! This was an exhausting, but exhilarating experience and it was literally the answer to a prayer sent up for help with our relationship when several couples therapy sessions didn’t seem to help. Overall, a wonderful experience – I wish we had experienced it earlier. Thank you.

Thank you first and foremost for the gift of your time and expertise to humanity, i.e., our relationship. Your dedication to this most basic and important building block of our culture, community, and country is so impressive. The workshop provided a unique opportunity to address issues we were familiar with but had neither the time nor experience to successfully address. My wife and I benefited a great deal from the presentation and conversations. The HMT program is a very human, loving, logical approach to some elusive problems couples face daily. We are all so busy and preoccupied with our responsibilities, that we cannot hope to address our most important relationship with each other as effectively as it needs.

Thank you! For helping us identify us to move forward because that is what we wanted. So now I’m sure we will be together forever. All seven steps will be an awesome manual for us to live by.

You have put together an incredible program. I came into this dragging my feet, thinking we didn’t have any major issues in our relationship and wasn’t sure I’d find value in the weekend. I was wrong. There were issues we had to and will continue to work on, and now we have the tools and the right approach to address the issue. The format was great – dispensed with videos and music. The facility was perfect – food, space, bathrooms, etc. Loved the sharing by couples. Thank you for a wonderful weeekend.

Thank you for creating the space for us, safe and inspiring, for us to engage in meaningful conversations, difficult as they may be. Your setup – short presentations, followed by short and structured conversations in couples “private bubbles” – was quite effective – a loud crescendo – a gentle descent into deeper places. Your styles complemented each other’s – your personal examples, from your lives and clinical experiences, were helpful for sure. The video clips and musical interludes were both moving and helped open up our hearts and understanding. Thank you much.

Thank you for two beautiful days of enlightenment. Finally, we have a path and a guiding light to walk into the future with. The tools we leave with are invaluable. The experience was life changing. My marriage had been on the rocks for 18 months and on New Year’s Day my husband asked for a divorce. We had tried two different marriage counselors and it didn’t work out. I asked my husband to give this EFT therapy one last shot at our marriage. He said yes, to my surprise. We came blindly expecting a miracle. Thank you for that miracle. We learned we are still very much in love and we worked through our attachment injury. We left our problems and the dysfunction of our marriage here in New Jersey, and are heading back to Long Island like honeymooners. Thank you so much for the education and the tools that we will take back with us.

As I mentioned in the introduction, this workshop was a Christmas present from my wife. I was expecting a grill (a really nice one). This was so much better. A much more thoughtful and lasting gift. We are both with drawers. We find it very easy to just walk away rather than face the issues head-on. There always seemed to be an elephant in the room. We recognize our demon dialogue is the retreat and defend pattern. We have agreed that we will try our best to stop the retreat when it starts. I am grateful to both of you for this experience. However, I am even more grateful to my loving wife for caring enough to take this leap for both of us.

What a wonderful learning experience. Your seminar allowed me to recognize some patterns that we get ourselves into and gave us the tools to break the pattern and be vulnerable. I would highly recommend your seminar to anyone at any stage of their relationship.

Eye-opening for two days. I was not expecting to learn and feel so much in two days, but this was fantastic. Thank you for giving us a start in the right direction. I feel we found a new foundation and we needed it. Looking forward to what will happen next.

Thank you so much for this life-changing opportunity. Your guidance, consistency, and support throughout this difficult process are so appreciated. I am emotionally exhausted but existentially revived. The process that you have guided in me and in my relationship, I believe, will lead to significant changes in our partnership and in our life. Your ability to encourage openness and vulnerability without judgment made it safe to experience deeper levels of our relationship. Thank you.

Thank you for so safely and sweetly sharing the importance of vulnerability, the importance of emotions, and sharing them, thus giving yourself and your relationship an honest chance and a more authentic chance at your deepest, truest love. You created such a comforting and relatable space and provided me with so much insight. I hope these tools and everything I learned help me to honor my truest self and be the best partner I can be in my relationship. Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the wonderful experiences over the past two days. I feel that this is a very valuable experience and has given me a new perspective on the human experience within a relationship. Thank you.

Thank you so much for this workshop experience! My intention was to break a cycle in our relationship and my husband and I learned to accurately identify the place where we habitually stumble and fall into defensive and ineffective patterns. We can choose separation or we can choose connection. We learned how to interrupt the negative pattern and take steps to repair our connection. I learned we can start where we are, be willing to be vulnerable and self-responsible, and strengthen our commitment and bond moment by moment. Together we can heal. Thank you for creating a safe container to deeply explore our relationship, our longings, the places we fail, and the tools to help us repair and strengthen our bond.

Impulsively I signed up my wife and me for this workshop. at the behest of our therapist, and most importantly because I needed and wanted to show my wife that I would do anything for our relationship. What I received was so much more. The tools of this relationship strengthening were so important to understand. The most important thing I got out of this was the demon dialogues were not the issue. The underlying feelings behind it were getting lost in the moment. I realized that stopping, taking a step back, and listening to the real reason truly helped us and I know we will work hard together to work and enjoy the fruits of our labor of love. Thank you so much.

I can’t think of any way that these concepts could have been more effectively delivered. You were both thorough and clear. Your expertise and skills were excellent! For so many years I struggled. I gave up on books and therapists. I can’t imagine another form of a couples workshop/therapy that would have been as effective as this was. A wary wife ready to face the end of a marriage, I leave hopeful and touched by my husband’s genuine participation and vulnerability.

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was a wonderful balance of lecture, group interactions, and couples therapy. You two are a great team. You both disseminate the information so well, which made the days fly by. We really appreciated Alan’s tender demeanor, it made us feel at peace. We would definitely recommend this workshop for all married couples. It provides key tips/points on how to get your relationship in a healthy place.

Thank you for your time, passion, and conviction for your craft this weekend. Your workshop has helped me make connections in my present life from deep in my past that I never realized before. I truly believe my relationship is in a better, stronger, more fulfilling place thanks to this workshop.

This was an incredible step for us. We both suffered significant childhood trauma and we both minimized the impact of that trauma on our connections with others today. We used this time to dive deep and we were able to open up to each other with our greatest fears. We were able to remove our shame blocks and really hear each other for the first time.

Thank you for this experience. This is the first time I was ever truly vulnerable with my wife after eight years of marriage. It was a breakthrough moment. We both discovered the core of our fears and anxieties in our childhood and it was very illuminating.

Where do I begin! I feel like you guys are not only therapists but lifeguards who threw out life preservers and during some parts performed CPR for me and my husband. We so much needed this and you guys delivered. In my 4 years of marriage, I have not seen the vulnerability in my husband that I witnessed this weekend. I am leaving here with new hope, renewed and revived outlook for my marriage. Forever grateful for this weekend guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for facilitating growth in my relationship with my husband through this workshop. The tools, songs, words, videos, breakout sessions, etc., all worked together beautifully to achieve positive results. We understand each other’s needs and vulnerabilities much more than before and have created a clean slate upon which we can build our future together. Here’s to another 42 years! Thanks a million.

Thank you for a wonderful couples weekend training. Who knew that my husband could be so loving and responsive. God bless and great work. Thanks.

Thank you for the workshop. I learned a lot, even from the first topic on “demon dialogues” – which now seems very obvious, although in nearly 25 years of marriage I hadn’t picked up on the concept myself! I think my wife and I are in a much better position to identify and interrupt our own demon dialogues and take steps to work through rocky moments and forgive and repair injuries. Thanks again!

Thank you for your wonderful workshop. You got my husband to work on our marriage with me. For once I’m not alone in my marriage. I have a real partner who is working with me. I think our marriage was just a friendship before, now it has its heart back. I think it may be difficult at first for us to keep this going and remember what to do when our demon dialogues show up. We may need to go to counseling. I hope you will create a refresher course to go deeper and practice more of this in such a warm environment. Thank you.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in the Hold Me Tight Workshop. It was inspiring to see couples of all ages participating and making connections that they had been craving for a long time, some for decades. Watching some of these couples make breakthroughs with one another, heal and reach each other, gave me hope that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Marriage is so much harder than I ever imagined it to be as a girl and young woman dreaming of sharing my life with someone else. I am a huge believer in attachment and sharing your inner self, as well as being there for the most important person as the key to life and fulfillment. Your facilitation was incredible, caring, sensitive, and effective. My husband and I were able to build upon our love and open up to one another in ways that will lead to healing and I hope will make us better partners to one another.

This workshop is a tremendous program that is critical for couples. I want to gift this program to my kids and their spouses so that they can understand the art of communication and emotional attachment. This program has allowed me to better understand myself. Thank you for this superior program, your counsel, presentation, and sensitivity in bringing us through. Terrific job!

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Not only did the workshop open my eyes to my relationship with my wife, but also into me. It was monumental in repairing what I believed what over. The caring you both showed is palpable. You have both made an incredible and long-lasting impact on me and my marriage. Thank you both.

This was one of the best seminars that I have attended. It was very well structured. I am delighted that every one of the attendees got a chance to give input and that made this workshop very pragmatic and real for us. Thank you.

I would like to thank you for providing us with an opportunity to grow. “Hold Me Tight” took us back to the beginning of our relationship and allowed me to see things much clearer. The exercises were challenging because many of our issues are due to my lack of communication. They helped raise attention to what I need to work on and how to address them. I had no idea what I was walking into and I am truly grateful for my experience. I would definitely recommend your workshop to all couples regardless of the condition or status of their relationship.

Firstly, thank you for sharing your experience and vulnerability with all the “strangers” in this room. And to be kind, gentle, compassionate, and patient with all of us who are here in a wide variety of places along our journeys. Secondly, thank you for providing your expertise and safe harbor to explore, communicate deeply and emote. It is obvious that this work is your life’s passion. And it is truly a gift.

I can’t thank you enough for the care, tenderness, and skill you brought to us with this work. It has brought us closer together after a very rough road. I wasn’t sure but in just two days this blueprint offers building blocks and a template for how to practice and navigate our relationship by repairing and building healthy attachment. Your manner is very down-to-earth and disarming. Thank you.

Before coming to this weekend I read the reviews and I really thought they were probably fake or embellished. How could a weekend be as transformative as the reviews suggest? Well, I was pleasantly surprised – and very deeply moved. My husband and I were at a crisis point. You have given us a strong point of entry for our future work. We have been able to tap back into the love we have for each other and the commitment we have for our relationship and our family. All of the therapists were compassionate, gentle, and skilled at fostering deep emotional connections. Thanks so much for giving us hope and climbing down into the hole with us.

I really enjoyed that you led off with expectations. Going right to Demon Dialogues helped me understand why we fight so much and to help to take steps to avoid them in the future. Touching on all of the interwoven aspects of emotions that elicit our reactions were especially helpful. We have been seeing a series of counselors that did not have as much effectiveness and the EFT method. Thank you.

This workshop has opened my eyes and started the process of healing, not only my relationship with my husband but in my relationship with myself. By giving me the tools to be open to a new perspective of reality that I struggled to see on my own. And this is absolutely necessary for me to have success in not only this relationship but every close relationship in my life. Thank you.

Thank you for this experience. I found things about myself and about my partner I never anticipated. It was not what I expected – it was far more. I feel so eager to go out and be vulnerable. You two make a great team, and together with the great atmosphere of strangers being open to the group, I was able to dig deep into a wellspring of emotion.

Thank you for a great experience. My husband never admitted some of his true feelings to me (or maybe even to himself) before, and I never saw him as vulnerable or hurting too. I always thought of him as the bad guy and I don’t think that anymore. It even made me look at some of our core issues differently, even though we didn’t focus on those or process them. This definitely helped us with communication which I didn’t even know was a problem.

Thank you for a great weekend couples retreat. You taught me a lot. Gave us new conversations with a new language. My wife and I have done some of this in therapy, but this helped put it all together. Your lectures were informative, the videos awesome, and the helpers helpful. I was surprised by all the participation in class, but that helped as well. Thanks.

I want to thank you for a meaningful two days of the “Hold Me Tight” Workshop. I am taking with me two main insights. First, the huge importance of being vulnerable with my own self and with my partner. Second, the understanding that we both (my partner and myself) want to be loved and feel safe with each other. I loved the way you both facilitated this workshop. I felt that you created a safe space for all of us, and “held” us when things were becoming too emotional. Thank you so much!

Thank you both for your expertise and for presenting the material in a way that was digestible and enjoyable. We have often wondered where the manual for parenthood is but failed to seek out a similar guidebook for our marriage. We were naive to think that when we said “I do” almost exactly 10 years ago we were done with our courtship, In actuality, we were only beginning the process of knowing one another. I have learned the importance of growing through what we go through and thank you for giving my husband the foundation to meet me where I need him to be for us.

Thank you so much for showing what you know and studied in such a way that we both tremendously gained an insight into our relationship and how to make it better, deeper, and more loving. We have been inspired by you.

I want to thank you both for changing my life. This workshop has been a huge life-changing event. Where I thought there was no hope – you both showed me there was. Thank you both again.

This workshop was extraordinary. It succeeded in carefully balancing content with a dialog with the attendees. I grew from this and would recommend it to anybody. You guys did a great job.

I want to take the time to truly tell you what a wonderful, beautiful, important life-changing thing you are doing by educating people about relationships and how to maintain them even when it is hard to do so. Most workshops would have given just a presentation, but you helped us to use what we learned right away. I wish this material was a required class like math and reading. Thank you again for everything you have done to help us and everyone who has the privilege to attend this workshop and meet both of you. You are doing an amazing thing and hope you know how much of a difference you are making in people’s lives and families.

I so appreciate your efforts, wisdom, ability to connect with us, show compassion, patience towards us. This has been the most eye-opening experience for me. Thank you for showing us the real meaning of love.

Thank you so much, a life-changing moment for me this weekend. I started to see myself for the first time with the most important person in my life. My wife is truly an amazing person that I’m blessed to be part of her life. This weekend with you both and the helpers, I was able to open up and cry and see that my relationship with my wife can grow and flourish. Thank you.

This workshop was amazing. It gave me and my husband the tools to start repairing our relationship. The open conversations, the tools, videos, and the open exercises to work on with each other. Instead of ending our marriage, hope was given, and an open mind to end the blame game and use the tools to work on our marriage.

I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have given us more in two days than we were able to find on our own in nine years. We were done with this relationship dance until we decided to give this one last chance. When we chose to do this workshop we weren’t sure what to expect. I never expected to get so much out of it. My partner and I feel like we can conquer anything now. Thank you again.

First, thank you. I am grateful we found this workshop at a very critical stage in our relationship. We’ve been married for 11 years, and are very close to separating soon. I knew there had to be something out there that would help us, and I’m happy to share that this was it. We’ve been going to couples therapy without much success. We now have tools to guide us in the right direction. I loved that you incorporated examples, clips, and relatable music to help bring the message home. Not only did I get it, but I believe my husband’s eyes were opened to the bigger picture. I also want to thank all the attendees and their openness. It means so much that we are not alone in all of this. Keep doing what you are doing. I appreciate both of you – your passions, patience, and hearts.

This workshop was eye-opening in so many different ways. I think coming here to this workshop saved my relationship. My other half has never opened up to me in 13 years as much as he did today. So I really wanted to thank you both for somehow making that happen. I have lost so much in my life. I didn’t want to lose him as well. What I mean is my grandparents raised me for the most part, and they were the ones to show me happy, loving moments. I lost my grandfather when I was 19, my mother died when I was 21, and most recently my grandmother passed. I am not close to my Dad. So I basically lost everyone who cared about me. I came into this thinking I was going to lose my other half too. I don’t feel that way anymore. I thank you both for giving that to me. Giving me the tools to get my life and happiness back. Thank you both for all your help.

I think this workshop was a great experience and would recommend it for all couples at any stage in their relationship. It would also be a useful tool for couples who are planning on marriage. It is an excellent way to really learn about your partner and strengthen the bonds between you. We learned things about each other that would never have come to light any other way – and we have been together for 46 years! We learned things that we had never heard about before – things like “demon dialogues” and “raw spots”. Many of the topics helped me to understand why we act and react as we do. You both did a great job in running the workshop. You were clear communicators and gave very relatable examples of the various topics. I found you both to be very patient, kind, and easy to talk to – all very important tools in your chosen professions. Thank you for your teachings and for helping us to understand each other more deeply and creating tighter bonds and greater intimacy. This was a truly valuable experience!

I really enjoyed this workshop. You have given me the tools to listen to my partner and to open up and be vulnerable. We are closer now than we have ever been in the 13 years we have been together. To have the ability to open up and truly be vulnerable with the one you love is an amazing experience. This workshop helped me get the love back in my relationship that was hidden under the hurt and pain from the continued dance we were putting each other through. Thank you so much.

My whole body is sore from the emotional workout this weekend. My hand is sore from writing my feelings in my letter to my wife and filling two pages in about five minutes. That would not have been possible without this seminar. The word I’d use is transformative. So thank you. I will sing of this program’s power from the rooftops.

Thank you for sharing your time, experience, and knowledge with us this weekend. When we signed up, we had no idea what the program was about. I learned a great deal not only about how to communicate with my wife, but why I do and act the way I do. I believe you have given us the tools for a better marriage. After being together for 47 years, you think you would know everything there is to know and understand each other. I am very glad to say that the time was well spent and I have a whole new perspective and understanding of my wife. Thank you again.

I want to thank you both for your guidance this weekend. Your step approach was very helpful in getting past the usual conversation and tapping into deeper conflicts. I think that for the first time my spouse gets the real hurt I have felt. We both are caregivers to so many others that we are often empty. I feel we can now approach the dialogue with open hearts, understanding, and more compassion for each other’s feelings. We uniquely have other fears – we both are cancer survivors – which has brought our unique fears and anxieties. We were able to communicate these fears and what we need from each other. Life will continue to throw us curve balls but I feel we now have some tools to really talk and listen to each other. Thanks for all your guidance.

Thank you so much – what a terrific workshop – so well run – so professional – so respectful of our feelings. We were all going through our relationship challenges and you were able to allow us and teach us to do it in a gentle, thoughtful, private matter. We touched on some very deep raw spots without defenses – our fences going up – the tools provided allowed us to resolve our communication issues and focus on the actual issues/feelings. We are just so grateful!

Thank you for this workshop. It has really made my relationship closer just after two days. It helped us open up to each other and discuss our problems without taking us to our “black cloud” and fighting. I really hope we will continue to be open and close to each other and if we happen to slip to refer back to our packets and this weekend. Thank you.

I want to thank you for how you’ve helped my wife and I. The workshop has opened my eyes in a number of ways and has given perspective and new light on some issues. We will do nothing but grow because of this workshop.

Your class is amazing. Your concepts and delivery of them are on point, persuasive, and effective. Each of you has strengths that combine with a well-presented workshop. Thank you for this event. It was worth attending and recommended for all couples seeking a different perspective to help them grow.

Thank you for a powerful, transformative, and healing weekend. It exceeded my expectations! Thank you for that! My husband and I got so much out of it. I feel positive and encouraged about our future. You both made the experience comfortable and safe and had a great, easy presentation style.

Thank you for a remarkable workshop. You are both such masters as teachers, therapists, and workshop leaders. I find it exciting and comforting that so much can be learned at an emotional level in just a weekend. It brought my husband and I much closer and I learned a lot about love and communication as well. I have been practicing as a psychologist for 30 years, and still… you taught me so much about relationships, myself, and love.

Your workshop was excellent in showing the most important thing in life is our relationships and how to become better at them. It’s helped me to see the areas I need to take responsibility for and how to improve the way I relate to significant people in my life. This needs to be implemented in our school systems to help us develop a healthy sense of self before attempting to be there for someone else in a healthy relationship. I have many takeaways which I intend to use in all my relationships, especially with my significant other. Thank you so much.

Thank you both for your compassion and desire to help couples achieve their desires to have deeper, more loving, and understanding relationships. You are both obviously very committed and I appreciate your wisdom, your efforts, and your time. It may sound corny or cliche, but love is the most important thing we can give to others. The love that we give in our lifetimes is a true measure of our worth and the impact we have on the world. So, it is not an exaggeration that the work you do makes the world a better place.

The experience was very intimate. It allowed me to connect with my wife on a much higher level and become more empathetic to her needs and desires. Additionally, my wife and I opened up with each other and easily shared our inner feelings. Thank you for your effort, time, and knowledge of marital connections.

Thanks for a great workshop! I was surprised at how much my husband and I learned about each other. I think this is what we needed to reconnect after my treatment for depression. Some of the resentment I felt towards him is out in the open and I know I have his support now. Thank you.

I want to thank you both for providing my wife and I a chance and vehicle to reconnect. The materials you provided allowed me to shed my armor of pride and be introspective. That is something I needed to do. The exercises were great! They were perfect for drawing out the issues that needed to be resolved. This workshop laid the groundwork for our ability to regain what was lost in our relationship. I believe part of what assisted me was being in a room with others that had similar issues as us. I am so looking forward to loving my wife with confidence and more importantly being loved.

Out of sheer desperation and no other avenue open to me, I googled “marriage retreats” and came across your website. My husband, of course, was not very keen on what he perceived as only a “2-day band-aid”, but thankfully he agreed to attend. I cannot express to you enough how powerful this weekend has been and how I feel I’ve been given a new husband, one that I understand better and who now understands me better! Thank you a thousand times for the great workshops!

Wow! I can’t believe how far my wife and I progressed in only 2 days. Our therapist said we would find it very helpful, but I never expected it to do so much for us, especially for me. I finally realized what I was doing wrong and how it affected my wife. All of the downstream issues came back to me withdrawing and closing off our emotional bond. How powerful to realize that and express it to her and to tell her how I really feel!! I’m looking forward to the future and no longer afraid we will fail. Thank you so much!

This workshop experience has been very positive for my husband and me. The atmosphere here felt very positive and safe for us to feel at ease with opening up and even showing emotion. We laughed, learned, got teary-eyed. Your format was perfect. The exercises we practiced were essential in our learning process. Learning how to break down the emotional process was amazing. You handed us (literally) the tools to help us communicate and this is something we can take with us throughout our relationship. I want to thank you for that!

As a newly married couple – this workshop was a gift from a family member who felt passionately that we attend – this has been so beneficial for our future. We’ve been given the tools to become aware of our deep vulnerabilities and how to share them with each other in a safe and positive manner. Thank you.

I came here yesterday at the end of my rope. This relationship’s future was looking very bleak. The EFT approach, facilitators, and fellow participants created a safe space and framework for my partner and I to tap into a vulnerability and spark that I felt was lost. I am leaving with newfound hope for a happy future. Thank you.

Your course was amazing, something in it for every and all couples. Your insights and perspective are a revelation for some, insight for others. The tools and steps needed to let all of us know it’s okay to be human, okay to feel, and okay to fail. With the purpose to come together and the steps and goals to reconnect. Connection is human, to hurt is very real, and tapping both is the course for a successful outcome and lifetime ahead – together. Thank you!!

I found the workshop to be extremely thorough and fulfilling. I had read he Hold Me Tight book and researched our attachments thoroughly. I had a desperate need to find meaning in all that puzzled me in our relationship. In the workshop I understood at a much deeper level from the presentations and peer discussions. We very much appreciate the helper therapists, their professional appearances came when we had critical moments. These moments were pivotal for us as we were on a roller coaster of will we remain married? We felt we would need to make a catastrophic decision by the end of this weekend, but found that pressure was unnecessary and our relationship is manageable. We now have hope. Thank you for the active listening, love and kindness and for speaking from the heart. Fantastic experience that I will share with couples of all ages.

I really enjoyed the workshop. It really helps to see our marriage from the outside by coming here. I feel like me and my wife live in twin bubbles and your workshop helped me see outside the bubble. It also helps to see all the couples who are having the same problems. I really enjoyed the videos and the exercises. I know we have a long way to go but I feel very optimistic about my marriage which I haven’t felt for a long time. I want our marriage to keep getting better and I think your workshop will help us get there.

We really enjoyed this workshop. The content of the weekend was very helpful and insightful. Even more than that, your availability, professionalism, and emotional presence during the bubble conversations made the even so valuable. We feel like we are now in a different place than ever before, and that we finally have the clarity about the work ahead. We really enjoyed the addition of video clips and music. It added both a touch of humor and access to the emotional content at the core of the work. We are only sorry not to have had more time with both of you. Deepest gratitude.

Thank you for presenting this important information to couples in need. We were referred to the program by our therapist. We have been very disconnected as a couple for two years. This weekend has allowed us to open up to each other’s vulnerability without shame. I would recommend this program – I think it is an excellent idea for young couples to engage in before marriage. Thank you.

We appreciate all your time and effort during this weekend. We really enjoyed learning tools to better communicate and keep our relationship going in the right direction. Debi, your energy was so positive and fun. We both had a great time. We look forward to participating in part 2.

Thank you for creating a powerful and emotionally moving two days. We never would have done this on our own. I am very grateful to both of you for your time and thoughtfulness. I am taking a new level of understanding home with me, of what my husband needs, and a newfound confidence that I can give it to him (this is big)! The format and structure took us to a much deeper, more felt level. Thank you.

The workshop was wonderful. I was deeply moved by the experiences other couples boldly shared about their relationships, struggles, and triumphs. The exercises were most powerful and helped my wife and I access and communicate our feelings more deeply and clearly than before. I loved your use of media to capture ideas and enrich emotion. Thanks so much.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Two weeks ago I was sitting in a hotel room alone while my daughter and husband sat at home. I was there because of a huge argument we had the night before. I spent that night researching and reading about ways to save my marriage – I was at rock bottom and desperate. It was your website that gave me hope and the energy to give it another try. I didn’t think twice about it. I signed up that evening, went home the next day, and showed my husband – and here we are. Thank you for the knowledge, examples, expertise, etc., that you both have given to us so we can finally take these gloves off and love one another (naked and in the open).

I appreciate the chance to dive deeper into EFT and to gain some practical tools and knowledge to enhance my marriage. I also appreciate the opportunity to meet and bond with other couples. We are very grateful.

This weekend was so powerful. We have been married, unhappily, for 13 years. We were introduced to EFT as a last-ditch effort because we were separated. We have been through years of counseling and no sizable or measurable difference in our marriage. We had breaches (many). EFT saved our marriage four months ago. This has been the most fulfilled I have been in my marriage ever. This weekend has helped pull together the pieces we were doing alone. I was blessed by the transparency of other couples. Thank you so much for sowing into the lives of not only our marriage, but our family, and potentially the lives of those around us.

Thank you for helping me open my eyes to who my husband and I are and allowing us to reconnect.

This workshop gave us permission to open up and be vulnerable in such a safe environment. the amount of care that you both have invested in all of the couples is so evident. Thank you for giving us all of this. Thank you for helping my husband and I come back to each other after his affair, which left me in true despair. It’s true that love ultimately conquers all, and with connection and vulnerability, it is possible to start again and make your relationship stronger than ever before.

Great experience. I like the fact that EFT is based on scientific fact. It was very intense. Thank goodness for the comedic videos to lighten the mood. Thank you.

Thank you for such a beautiful experience. My husband and I are both therapists and have been in a lot of therapy as well. We hit a breakthrough in our HMT conversation – a new place we’ve never been before. He was able to hit a vulnerable place I had not ever heard of. I appreciate how well you delivered touch concepts in a well-distilled way. Your energy really carried the room! You respectfully wove together so many of our stories, from so many different places. I feel shaky as I write this because our last conversation was so raw, but I also see where we are headed. So thank you!

The intensive two-day workshop expands on the EFT books, led by two talented facilitators plus support staff. Yet the most meaningful part was being with a room full of couples dealing with the same struggles, sharing details and stories, taking time as a couple for intimate discussions… we have tools now in our path forward together!

Debi and Alan, thank you for your time and effort in presenting the Hold Me Tight materials. I believe this time together with my wife discussing the various issues that caused problems in our marriage, will and has brought us the solutions which will help us develop more maturity in our relationship. That will bring us both happiness in the future.

I can’t thank you both enough for all the things my life and I learned about ourselves to help our marriage move forward. The deep conversations you enabled us to have over the past two days were more than we were able to have on our own over the past few years. The workshop was a life-changing experience for us that will put our relationship back on the right track. Hearing other couples’ experiences was a tremendous benefit which we are very grateful for. We were able to emotionally connect with each other at a level we have never seen. I am really blown away by this experience and could not be happier with the outcome.

Thank you for helping my wife and I begin the journey to get our relationship back. The workshop was very insightful and allowed us to access feelings we thought were lost forever. I fully intend to continue practicing what was learned here and apply it to my relationship.

Debi and Alan, thank you for your time and effort in presenting the Hold Me Tight materials. I believe this time together with my wife discussing the various issues that caused problems in our marriage, will and has brought us the solutions which will help us develop more maturity in our relationship. That will bring us both happiness in the future.

You are both obviously passionate about what you do, and this specific type of therapy. It is evident in your teaching and the way you deliver the content. We’ve been to a couple of different therapists and have walked away with tools, but the process has always left us with more questions than answers. I feel as though this weekend has been very different. I understand where my wife is coming from with a different perspective and I feel as though we are leaving with a brighter future. Thank you for that.

Thank you for your knowledge and willingness to share it. You have taught me how to look at the root of some problems and how to face them. Thank you for helping my husband realize it’s ok to show his feelings. In 34 years he has never shed a single tear. This weekend I saw the first one! I know we still have a lot of work to do, but know some walls have come down and that is a start. Thank you.

This workshop exceeded my expectations. We had been to couples therapy in the past and these two days we have learned more than any sessions ever. The exercises were so helpful to actually use real-world issues with my partner. The concept of being vulnerable makes so much sense. The videos were so good and spot on emphasizing your points. I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone. When our kids get married we will give them this workshop as a wedding present – it is that powerful! I have been in the corporate world for 32 years and have given many presentations and seminars. Your delivery, engaging the audience, and the two of you complimented each other. Excellent public speaking skills! And sharing some of your personal stories was also powerful. Debi – your one on one with the audience was amazing. Alan – your demeanor, presence, and overall feeling were comforting to me. The skills I feel that I took away from this will absolutely help my marriage. Thank you for an amazing two days. I have never experienced anything quite like this and really can’t thank you both enough.

I am super grateful to have spent the weekend in this workshop discovering fundamental tools that actually perpetuated new light into my relationship. I was at the point of giving up. I saw, heard, and learned so many new things this weekend, things that completely resonated with my soul. It just all makes sense which is a relief for us at the end of our rope in our relationship. This program seems to reach in and address the obvious and not so obvious. Like it’s there but you can’t name your own demon. These techniques go right in – pull the demon out, and say – “Hey, excuse me, what are you creating?” It’s a real eye-opener. Debi and Alan are clear, concise speakers with a firm grasp on this topic and really delivered the material in a way that kept my attention. You can see they are full of passion for the topic. And compassion for those they deliver it to. I appreciate both of you. Thank you so much for making a difference in the world by being Love Warriors!! Keep spreading the love! A huge thank you to Sue Johnson – without her gift to the world where would we all be?

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving our marriage! My wife and I came here and had no expectations – in fact, we were skeptical that we would go home any different from when we arrived. But then, miraculously, unexpectedly, suddenly and unbelievably, we had a BREAKTHROUGH”.

I want to thank you for an enjoyable workshop. I must admit that I learned more in the two days I spent with you than I did in a year of therapy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I have the tools and promise to use them. I got my baby back and that’s all that matters. Thanks.

I am so glad we had this opportunity to begin to close the gap in my marriage. This has been a very powerful, moving, and eye-opening experience. This weekend workshop you presented was really what we needed and you both presented it in a great, warm, informative manner. Too many great things to say about this weekend! Thank you.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. The location and facility were excellent. It took us out of our regular environment and we could concentrate just on the workshop. We stayed over at a hotel even though we live nearby, and that added to the special experience. You both brought different perspectives to the workshop and were a good team. The role-plays and videos were especially helpful and emotional. Thank you for the experience.

Thank you both for this invaluable weekend. This was a safe place to talk, listen and learn from you both about effective ways to communicate with each other, how to create an environment where my husband could come forward and say the things he needs to say, and I would know how to respond to keep communication open. It was enlightening to see other couples at various stages in their relationships and relate to their stories. This was a great experience.

Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop. What you are doing for couples is just amazing. It was such a gift for my husband and I. We really needed to learn how to communicate better and you gave us great tools to practice. My husband touched me just by agreeing to come, and then opening up to me while we were here. This was major for our marriage.

Thank you so much for offering this opportunity. We have so much good that comes naturally to us in our relationship but when our Demon Dialogue sneaks up on us quickly and out of nowhere, we are a disaster. Thank you for your expertise, insight, vulnerability, sense of humor, patience, and care. We loved the entire workshop, including all of the visuals and music. Much success to the two of you.

Thanks so much for this workshop. I enjoyed so many parts but the one part I needed and will continue to work on is Slowing the Cycle, recognizing Demon Dialogues, then slowing the dance. I realize is so much harder than it sounds, but I will forever remember this technique and work diligently to make it work for my love. As far as the other agenda items. all were helpful and enjoyable. I enjoyed the interactions between the two of you. Also, the insert of videos and choices of the video was so eye-opening and truly inspiring. Nice work by both of you. A big thank you.

What I most want to say is thank you! This class was meaningful, insightful, and original. The impact will stay with us for a long time. Again, great thanks.

This workshop gave me some accessible tools to reinvigorate my relationship with my wife and to know that we have a purpose and a love that is worth nurturing. I am so glad to have had the group experience, to know that our struggles are not unique, that what we have is important. I also got to know that I’m important to my wife and that I have some keys to tap into our intimacy. A appreciate the commitment of you both and the facilitators. They added so much to the value of this. I appreciate your bringing this important work and these tools to us…

Thank you for the last two days. Although I had listened to the audiobook, the power of the program, the sharing, and the structure that you brought to the exercises gave us the tools to be closer. Thank you.

Thank you for the wonderful weekend. It was a great experience during my birthday weekend. A renewed and fundamental connection with my wife is probably the best present I could receive. While difficult, the intensive 2-day workshop was needed. I would strongly recommend that your couples stay overnight after both days of the workshop. It removed distractions and allowed us to focus on each other.

It is a very emotional subject, and it was comforting and relaxing to see Debi’s obvious emotional response during her presentation. It makes it so much more heartfelt and so much less clinical. Alan’s complementary input and banter between both were very helpful and sometimes funny! I think the workshop has been a wonderful format for this – support and knowledge from other couples, knowing and proving that our issues, and ourselves, are not unique, while also allowing time alone together worked very well for us. Thanks. Great job!

Debi and Alan have given my husband and I new tools to tackle our issues and relationship sore spots. They were the perfect team to guide us gently back towards each other. We have opened back up to be more vulnerable and loving again. Being in the group and hearing all the stories helped us realize we all have similar issues and we are not alone or broken. It has been so amazing, so cathartic.

Thank you so much for this experience. The hardest part was to admit we had a problem and sign up to come. Being fairly young, I was worried we were going to feel out of place. You welcomed us right in and commended us for giving this “gift” to ourselves at such a young age. I honestly think every couple can benefit from this workshop. No matter how big or small an issue you may be facing, the tools are so universal and can be applied to so many situations. I especially loved the songs and videos. Some of these will stay with me forever. Thank you for giving us this gift – I hope other couples benefited as much as I have and will continue to do so in the future.

My wife and I are in our early thirties and have only been married for 3 1/2 years. So we really didn’t know what to expect when we signed up for your workshop. Attending the workshop showed us both that we still have a long way to go towards being in a secure, connected relationship, but it also showed us that we are not alone and not the only couple dealing with problems and issues. We appreciate your providing us with new and useful tools to work on our relationship so that we can grow and evolve our love together for many years to come. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for an amazing and eye-opening two days. The concepts of “hold me tight” you presented to my wife and I have allowed me to take a breath and step back from our relationship to gain a much-needed perspective. I feel like you both have helped me remember the reason why I fell in love with my wife over 20 years ago. The exercises you gave us seemed so simple and yet had such a profound effect by slowing everything down. I love how you showed us to think of the demon dialogue as the so-called enemy as opposed to one another. That to me is so important and helps me to stop pointing the finger at my wife and realize the “cycle” is the problem. This awareness I believe will help both of us to dissolve so much of the pain that has developed over the years. You have a wonderful synergy between the two of you and this has helped make the seminar have a powerful effect on me. Thanks for everything.

Thank you. Great two days. Well organized, thoughtful, understanding, and easy to get. The 2-day retreat is the best to kick start this work. Keep it up. I would not have any changes to recommend – it worked fantastically. I really am looking forward to working at this for me to become a better person and a more loving and caring husband. Thank you.

Well, that was something. Really the one thing I keep coming back to is how my mind would wander in the break out sessions thinking about how nice it was to just sit, in the grass, under the sun, face to face, knees to knees, hearts wide open, with my perfectly imperfect handsome husband. You walked him back to me. And for that, I thank you.

Firstly, I would like to say how grateful and thankful I am to both of you for this workshop. Your time and experience have restored my faith and hope for the future of my marriage. I came here feeling empty, lost, and fearful, but I had nothing left to lose. The tools and connection you have given us have led me to believe, trust, know and feel that my husband can be my rock, my best friend, and source of love, safety, care, and trust. We are on the same page finally and 100% believe that we want to stay married and continue our life together. Wow…wow…wow. I look forward to attending more of your workshops; they most certainly feed, nourish and improve our lives and our relationships. Many thanks.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me the tools I need to be vulnerable and in doing so learn to love my husband more than I ever thought possible. The step-by-step instructions helped me touch places within myself I didn’t think could ever be allowed to surface. I also feel so much of what I learned can be used with my children and other relationships.

I was very hesitant to attend this retreat. I am from South America where no one goes to therapists for help with their relationships, but I am 100% glad I came. I learned so much – how to handle a rocky situation, how to stop the demon dialogues. I feel that my husband and I are going to see each other from now on like when we first met, with the sparkle, love, and sympathy. I feel that all the ugly feelings I had are washed out and the feelings of love for him that I had buried are back. Thank you for helping us to connect again…

The experience of this workshop has opened a door that I did not know was closed. I had always asked my wife what she wanted from me, and I did not understand our problems until today. I now understand how to communicate with my wife, and how not to close down with her. Thank you both.

After the first two hours of the workshop, we knew what needed to be adjusted in our relationship. Spending time with the other couples made us realize how lucky we are to have each other, and inspired us to keep trying to make it work. Thank you for all the insights.

It was my idea to come to your seminar to learn how to connect with my wife. I was very skeptical about how it would go, power points, classroom, how could that help. I am pleased to say you have taught me how to connect with my wife. Thank you for teaching me how to fish, and not just feeding me with fish.

This workshop was amazing, enlightening, and encouraging. I learned about myself and my wife. We were able to open up for the first time in years. You gave us numerous tools to work with. I am hopeful for the future. You both did a great job!

Thank you so very much for such a heartwarming couple of days. You both have been beacons of light for many couples, and you have lit the way for hope, vulnerability and intention to open up the hearts and souls of many. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your warmth, love and caring. We thank you for your healing and for your grace – you both are angels saving couples one heart at a time.

Thank you so much for helping us find each other again – we feel our relationship has truly taken the next step. I am most appreciative of how – like a good wine – you let the participants and room breathe. You allowed flexibility and things to progress at an organic pace that helped us focus on a few things and achieve great results. Thanks.

This workshop was incredibly important and effective. The presentation of the material was clear, direct, humorous and interesting. You provided a safe space for both of us so that we could share. This workshop environment is nonthreatening, which seems especially important to the men. I am a therapist as well and am quite familiar with the material, but going through this myself was quite moving. I am confident that we will benefit from the experience. We loved your energy, ability to be in the moment and humor. Thank you.

I really enjoyed and learned a lot about my wife and myself that I never knew before. I feel that with the tools you provided, our relationship will flourish into something amazing. I will highly recommend this workshop to all my loved ones. Thank you.

Wow. Thank you. I’m astonished at how much unfolded and came to light in just two days. Your workshop is a gift of light. I feel you have help a torch aloft for us. The journey and the path are tricky to navigate, and it can be hard for those of us who have allowed ourselves to push away the issues and focus on the business of life. Thank you for the powerful pause…the tools…the space. Your joyful energy Debi. Your soothing focus Alan.

Thanks for holding this workshop. I had a lot of reluctance in coming. Fears about how strange it would be and other things. The workshop was really not at all as uncomfortable as I imagined, not even close. I feel really good about it and think that things might really get a lot better in my relationship. Thanks.

Thank you! I haven’t spoken to my husband, other than screaming at him, in almost two years. This is true – two years!. I feel like we have now taken a step I once thought was impossible. We were planning to get a divorce. I am now planning to continue our journey in therapy. I feel so comfortable with the both of you. I usually never feel that way. This is the only method of therapy that we’ve had success with after years of working with other therapists. Thank you.

Its been a really important myth breaker experience – that guys have emotions and can talk about them. We all know that, but it took this live experience to bring this knowledge into being and acceptance. Everything I learned makes sense. I feel it helped so much. In fact, I told my wife things I never told anyone before. Yes, I read Sue Johnson’s book, but it took you guys, the course, to help me take the risk of opening up and obtain the tools. Our progress is obvious. Thank you.

I was impressed by the workshop, even after being familiar with the Hold Me Tight book. What you went through was amazing for me, but I feel my husband was especially amazed. He told me how for the first time he understood what “tuning in” means. He had no idea that a successful apology needs going through the feelings of the hurt one. We have been discussing this so many times. Thank you so much. I truly admire your professionalism, enthusiasm and clear communication through these sensitive topics.

Thank you for leading this workshop. It was a remarkable two days and I learned a great deal. I knew that I would learn a lot about my husband. I didn’t know that I would learn a lot of new, wise concepts or tools for working on our relationship. Also, I didn’t know that I would learn more about myself and my deepest fears. I feel exhausted now,, in a good way. It was also great to hear other couples talking about their challenges. Hearing about their challenges felt important. A lot of the couples have been married many years and have wisdom and humor to share.

Thank you so much for clearing up our doubts that maybe we are not “in love” with each other any more. In this workshop I had the chance to tell my husband what I kept hidden for a long time, and I am so blessed that I got a positive response. I appreciate your motivation to help couples to spend more years together and to bond in their own special ways forever.

Thank you both for an extraordinary weekend! You have given us the tools we need to navigate our way through our relationship and manage our issues in the future. This workshop was worth every penny and I will recommend it to anyone.

Thank you. This was an excellent workshop. I feel like you gave us a game plan or playbook to address our issues. We will use your guidance and keep working on things together.

I learned that what seemed like a broken, un-fixable relationship was really as great as it always was, but was hidden by nonsense we weren’t even aware of. We could not have seen that and cleared it up until we took this course. We came believing we were going to end our relationship – and left with the most loving and understanding relationship ever. Thank you for your help and for being as good as your are.

Thank you. I can only say that the number of times it seemed you were talking directly to us was amazing. You created a very safe space for difficult conversations.

Many thanks for the enlightening weekend. Also gratitude to Sue Johnson. I have appreciated the basic science used to build the credible foundation of EFT. Very helpful. The tools provided, if we use them, should help us reconnect and find our love again. I have discovered things about myself that I never knew! Guess what – I’m not perfect!

I was very reluctant to come to this conference. After two years of intermittent counseling, I had a hard time believing that this workshop would add anything to our relationship – despite positive reviews I had read online. I was incredibly surprised by the results of our work together here. The intensive nature of this workshop really pushed us to address our core issues more than we had in the past. We both feel committed to strengthening our relationship through the new techniques presented. Thank you.

Thank you for an extraordinary and outstanding Hold Me Tight Seminar. This workshop truly dives into the core root of relationship challenges and truly helps couples to find new ways to listen, to talk, to understand, to be vulnerable, to face the elephant in the room and ultimately reconnect. This seminar has allowed my husband and I to have the most heartfelt and deep conversations that we have had ever. This seminar has given us the freedom to emotionally connect without fear. It truly feels empowering and we are free. Free to love without fear. Free to love unconditionally and free to be together wholeheartedly, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Thank you for a great experience. I have pushed for counseling or a seminar for a long time. It was only after I retreated and withdrew that my husband woke up and saw what trouble we were in. He brought us here and I’m so glad this is where we landed. The theories and basis in attachment make complete sense to me. We have a lot of work to do with our own therapist. But this was a great start – a crash course to put us on track. Thank you.

This conference had the emotional impact of a pile driver. The virtual wedges were hammered out and peeled back to bare our souls like the day we were first married. We reconnected and discovered new ways to say “I love you”. Thank you so much for educating us and providing the tools of a lifetime.

Thank you for giving us the tools to renew our relationship. I came into this process fairly hopeless and I am leaving with a hope and a true commitment to my marriage and to my husband. I have never, ever felt this way or ever was willing to do this with anyone in 62 years. What you have given us is priceless and there is no amount of money that would be too much. Please let us know when your next workshop is. Thank you forever for these gifts. I will do my best to pass these gifts along. I am forever grateful.

Thank you for helping to guide us through a difficult time in our marriage. The traditional approach of marriage counseling failed in the past for us – didn’t make a change. This method opened my mind to a step by step approach to actively solve a problem. Thank you for a wonderful, eye-opening and heart opening experience.

Thank you for the work, time and patience that you have with others. And for being genuinely kind enough to card and go through the motions with people who are basically desperate to rekindle relationships with their spouse. In two days I have spoken with my fiancé more than I have for the past 3 – 4 years! When I say spoken to him, I mean with him listening, no distractions and no negative ‘here we go again” look on his face or him looking for the exit. I mean he actually listened! I felt heard and I noticed he was attentive to everything, just wanting to identify with MY FEELINGS, maybe even the pain in my voice. His speaking to me or you or even to the group was also huge for both him and I because we are such private people. I was a little bit skeptical about coming to the workshop when I heard about the number of couples, because I suffer from anxiety. Well, if it wasn’t for those people, it would have been so much less real for us. The sharing, and everything else we entrusted each other with was amazing. Thank you for that experience. It shows us that we are not alone and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I will be sending my friends your way. All the best!

I want to thank you for an amazing weekend. You both have amazing tools and we appreciate your sharing them with us. We both came here not knowing what we would get out of 16 hours. But we both left with a gift of understanding the proper way to communicate and be vulnerable with each other and take risks to understand what the other person is feeling. I feel with these tools we will be best friends again. We were on a bad road but we have made a turn to be great again. Thank you!

Thank you so much for a remarkable weekend. When we arrived here on Saturday morning I did not have a great deal of hope that our relationship would last into the next year. The tools you have us and your method of delivery have allowed us to start the process of removing the barriers that have kept us from having an open and loving relationship. I leave here with real optimism that we can grow together in our relationship and be the people that we want for each other. Thank you.

Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in your workshop experience. I can honestly say that I have learned a lot about my relationship , myself and my partner. Thank you so much for the personal experience with Dr. Alan, myself and my partner, you helped us touch someplace much deeper and helped him to verbally express how he felt and stay focused on the topic. Thank you Ms. Debbie, you showed so much professionalism and caring and compassion and made it comfortable for others to allow themselves to be just as vulnerable. You are both exceptional at what you do!!

The weekend was emotionally draining but in a very positive way. I learned so may about myself and my partner. I will walk out of this with a fresh perspective of who I am as a person in turn will make me a better person to my wife and children. Thank you for breaking me down, I needed it.

Thank you for this weekend retreat “Hold Me Tight”. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you for being professional. I’m definitely going to work on being more vulnerable.

Thank you both for your time and sharing your knowledge to help all of us here this weekend. It was nice to see a group of different couples in different stages with different issues all sharing their stories and feelings. The workshop helped me recognize triggers and raw spots in my partner. It helped me understand how to deal with them and avoid them. It gave me a good path to follow as I leave. I feel my partner recognized things he needs to change and work on as well, which will help us move forward. These two days have definitely given us a core foundation to start building on. Thank you.

How do you thank someone for teaching and helping us to save and protect something so precious – as precious as life itself. I was feeling so lousy about myself as a married person and had little hope for a fulfilled marriage. Now I see that I am so normal and it is natural that I felt the way I did, but that there is hope for us and see actual love in my husband’s eyes – no more despair – just commitment to keeping this process alive, and I pray that we do hold on tight. Deepest gratitude.

Thank you so much for inspiring me to share my deepest emotions with my wife. To let down my defenses, to listen with empathy and not try to solve any pain she may have, but to ask how I can help. Now so much more hope for us, just in time. I feel growing together will be more possible now.

Thank you for offering this workshop. I wish we knew about this when we started out relationship. When it is time for our child to get married, we will purchase this workshop for them to set them off with a solid foundation for communication. I sincerely hope this sets us on a trajectory towards better communication and connection. Thank you, thank you.

I want to say thank you for a wonderful workshop. The exercises we completed during the workshop really helped us to realize we have work to do. More importantly, we are willing to do the work and make our marriage last. My husband was initially closed to the idea of attending this workshop, but eventually agreed to attend. After this experience he has learned so much and I learned a lot as well. Thank you, and I hope you have future sessions where couples can attend as an ongoing series.

This workshop did provide us with the space to share things that we normally would not share. We are both vulnerable and afraid of loss. Also, as withdrawers, we dont fight, we retreat. So we need to use words and I am hopeful we will be able to do this now. It is a start, maybe the beginning, but I am looking forward to a better relationship with my spouse. Thank you for doing what you do – I had may Aha moments!

Thank you so much for this seminar. My husband and I signed up at the recommendation of one of our pastors, but we really were not sure what to expect. This is exactly what we needed. We have a deep love for each other, but we always seemed to misunderstand each other and would cycle through toxic patterns. Now I feel like we’re much more on the same page, and I think having a common toolbox and language will be such a game changer. I also feel like I’ve learned so much about how to be in a healthy relationship. I’m so excited to continue in this work, at home and hopefully with an EFT therapist. If you do continue to develop a Part 2, we will be there! Thank you again so much, I can’t really begin to describe what it’s meant.

I have a new found sense of hope that my partner and I will have to tools to improve and save our failing relationship. Most importantly, I’ve gained the tools to approach my wife, and be approached by her in a healthy, constructive, loving way and how to identify unhealthy patterns of behavior that were detrimental. I feel like I’ve learned how to hear and be heard in a more productive and loving way. Thank you for that.

This workshop was a blessing. My husband and I were able to hear each other for the first time in a long time. We still have a lot of work to do, but now we feel equipped to do so. Thank you.

This workshop provided a wonderful rock to build our marriage upon. We are grateful for this toolkit to bring into our marriage and this workshop is something every couple should go through. Thank you for a great two days!

At first when I came to the workshop I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I loved my fiancee, but also knew that there were minor flaws in our relationship. After the two day workshop, I’m so grateful for the tools I have learned. I feel that with these tools I can hopefully have a loving marriage and live happily ever after, because in the end, isn’t that what really matters?

At first when I came to the workshop I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I loved my fiancee, but also knew that there were minor flaws in our relationship. After the two day workshop, I’m so grateful for the tools I have learned. I feel that with these tools I can hopefully have a loving marriage and live happily ever after, because in the end, isn’t that what really matters?

Thank you for practicing your purpose and sharing your gifts in a way that brings people together in love using both feeling and process. The extra time spent on group sharing was very beneficial to me. It felt comforting to hear stories of other couples’ struggles and breakthroughs. Debi, I very much appreciate your attention to sexual trauma awareness – it adds a whole – next level – challenge that takes a particular kindness and love to work through. EFT is a gentle, kind, love centered approach to couple healing, which I believe is the goal of every couple. Thank you.

Well, these two days, when I compare them with my expectations, I have to sincerely characterize as magic. My wife and I have done a lot of work on ourselves with a wide range of professional therapists. Its not that I would have traded any of that for this. But in a remarkably short period of time you flung open the doors to truths about ourselves and our relationship that we once knew but had somehow forgotten and didn’t know how to prioritize or use to save our relationship. I thought this was going to be an infomercial, but it wasn’t. We did real work and learned real skills. Our hopes for our relationship are so much bigger and more real than they were before we came in here. I’m so grateful.

This workshop turned out to be so much more helpful than I could have hoped. We shared more deeply today than we have in a long time. We will go to EFT therapy after this because we do have a couple of deep issues to address. But I finally have a true knowledge that we are going to make it. I got back in touch with my love for him and he felt that clearly – and he also realized how distant we have become – and at least some of the reasons why. You are great at this. Thank you – you probably saved out marriage!

Let me start by saying thank you so much. The last two days have taught me a lot about myself, my wife, relationships and so much more. I will definitely put into practice all that we learned here. It was truly a thought and life changing experience.

Your EFT workshop has shown me how to look at myself and not the imperfections of others. One of the biggest things was identifying and recognizing our “demon dialogues”. You do phenomenal work. Thank you.

Thank you. This has been an incredible experience and has left no room for disappointment. This workshop has allowed us to tap into a whole new depth of our relationship that I’ve been longing for. I learned a lot about my husband, myself and our relationship. I walked away with a clear understanding or things to do, and specific things to avoid. Debi – thank you for helping us during one of the breakout sessions. It was truly relationship changing – you have a true gift. I got to feel the benefit of being vulnerable, even though it was scary and painful. The results was connection, exactly what I wanted! Thank you.

This retreat was just what we needed. Your professional skills and talent exceeded my expectations! It was beautiful to be surrounded by others that experience similar issues to us. Sometimes you feel so alone and lost, bot looking around we are all dealing and learning to cope with relationship difficulties. We have learned so much and look forward to using the tools that you have given us. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough!

Going into this weekend I was filled with fear and anxiety. I am so grateful that you provided such a safe place and process to explore the topics of this workshop with my husband. My anxiety was very quickly relieved and I was able to be open enough and unguarded enough to do the work being asked. The workshop provided validation to me and put together all the pieces that I have been dancing around for years and years unable to connect. It was given me hope in moving forward with success. I am hopeful that I will be able to let go of past pains, both from my marriage and my childhood, and be satisfied, happy and fulfilled. Thank you.

Wow. Its hard to put into words how powerful the past two days have been. We came to the workshop without knowing what to expect and have been blown away! The examples, tools and guidance that were provided have made a profound shift in my my wife and I view out connection and interact with each other. You’ve shown us how to build a path forward. Thank you both!

This workshop has been an amazing experience. It was exactly what I needed to heal my relationship. I know there is still work to be done, but I have hope for the first time in a long time. I am so thankful!