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This relationship workshop is designed to Improve Communication, Deepen Connection, Stop Negative Patterns, and Rekindle Love & Affection

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Get Your Marriage Back


Would you like to create a more loving and secure connection?


Do you want to heal from past hurts and move forward?


Are you feeling stuck in a rut, unable to communicate, lost in repetitive conflicts that leave you isolated and alone?

What You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship

This 2-day couples intensive will help you look at your issues in a new way, explain the science of relationships, and give you the tools to change negative patterns, improve communication, repair past hurts, and renew intimacy and passion.

Here's What You Will Learn

What all relationships need to be healthy, happy and successful

How to find forgiveness, overcome past hurts and move forward

How to understand what drives conflict – and how to change it​

How to work with emotional triggers and stay connected

How to communicate effectively and feel deeply heard

How to rebuild broken trust, safety and security

How to create and nurture emotional intimacy

How to rekindle love and reignite passion

PLUS – The Relationship Assessment that answers the question: Are You There for Me?

Professional Relationship Experts

Your couples retreat will be led by Debi Scimeca-Diaz, and Jeff Lynch. Debi is a highly trained, experienced couples therapist who has completed rigorous training to become a ICCEFT Certified Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Trainer. She specializes in helping couples improve their marriage – a true relationship expert. She knows how to create happy relationships, and how to fix them and get them back on track. Jeff Lynch is a couples therapist who understands how relationships can get off track, has the expertise to lead couples to repair.  Jeff has years of training and experience in EFT and is passionate about helping people.  Having a male/female team has proven to be most helpful for our couples based on happy and grateful participant feedback.

Debi Scimeca-Diaz
Jeff Lynch

Hear From Past Participants

For Real! You can read hundreds of reviews from couples who started their HMT workshop stuck, many of them feeling hopeless.

All of them left feeling closer, more connected and more hopeful than ever before.
Many of these couples had even tried couples therapy for years with very little success.

  • ``I feel like this weekend has changed my life!``
  • ``For once I feel I am not alone in my relationship. ``
  • ``One of the most meaningful experiences of our relationship``
  • ``I truly feel the next 30 years of my life are going to be the best``
  • ``It has given my husband and I the tools we needed to save our marriage``

The evidence based approach used appreciates and understands the perspectives of both men and women, and is effective with married and unmarried couples, couples of different cultural backgrounds, and couples with different sexual orientations.. From newlyweds just starting out, to couples who just need to get out of a rut, to couples on the brink of divorce – we can help you see things differently and move forward.

​We’ll explain what you need to know in short, easy to understand presentations, using popular music, movie and TV clips to illustrate our model. We provide the space for you to have highly effective relationship conversations with therapists standing by to help you.

Our retreat is all about safety, understanding, and validation. We don’t put people on the spot and you don’t have to share anything with the group unless you want to.

In our Couples Retreat, You Can Rediscover Love –
A love that lasts and grows
A love that provides respect and security
A love that meets both partners’ needs

A love that’s better than ever before.

Give your relationship this amazing gift – 2 days of understanding and transformation.

Highly effective cutting edge science. Down to earth program. Tools to start using immediately. Provided in a safe, relaxed, shame free, blame free, nonjudgmental and fun environment.

Seating is limited to ensure a quality experience. Reserve your seat today!

All couples are welcome regardless of marital status, age, faith, race, or sexual orientation.

Jeff Lynch, 405-534-5747‬, will be the point of contact for any questions you may have related to your specific couples workshop.

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  • ``Never in my life have I felt more open, vulnerable and connected with anyone``
  • ``I feel like we are closer after this experience than we've been in the 36 years we've been married.``
  • ``You are two talented and skilled therapists who ran a terrific workshop. When we needed extra help, you were able to encourage, nudge and prod, past comfort, and always with warmth and kindness``
  • ``Thank you for helping us find connection with each other. I now go home with hope.``
  • ``I would definitely recommend this workshop for couples at any stage in their relationship.``

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