Mid Michigan In Person EFT Externship


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The EFT Externship is the first step toward EFT Certification, and it is required that you participate in an Externship before attending Core Skills. Space is limited, so sign up early. Please note: All discounts will show up in your cart before you check out.


Step 1

EFT Externship

The externship will be in person

October 22, 2024 – 9am to 5:30pm EST
October 23, 2024 – 9am to 5:30pm EST
October 24, 2024 – 9am to 5:30pm EST
October 25, 2024 – 9am to 4pm EST

The EFT Externship, as developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and presented by ICEEFT-Certified Trainer Debi Scimeca-Diaz, LMFT is more than just an introduction to Emotionally Focused Therapy. It is an educational and experiential immersion in learning a new and empirically validated way to work with couples.

The EFT Externship is not days of lectures and slides. Debi Scimeca-Diaz is a powerful, passionate presenter who believes in “teach, show, do,” which means you will learn through a variety of modalities, including: watching and discussing clinical videos of EFT therapists working with couples; practicing through role plays and experiential exercises that will help you “feel” the model in a safe, supportive way through the assistance of advanced EFT clinicians; and processing through daily small-group “homeroom” sessions, which are a supportive place for questions and group discussion… Additionally, you will have the opportunity to witness Debi Scimeca-Diaz practice the model through TWO LIVE CONSULTATIONS, working with two different volunteer client couples.

You will leave the Externship with a new way to conceptualize your work with couples and a road map for how to work in the moment, in the room with them, so that you are more confident in helping your couples reconnect and repair. As often reported by attendees, you may also leave the Externship with a more compassionate way to see the relationships in your own life.

The EFT Externship is the first step toward EFT Certification, and it is required that you participate in an Externship before attending Core Skills.

Externship Learning Objectives:

Describe the basic experiential and systemic concepts of an “emotionally focused” approach to couples therapy.
Describe couple distress and relationship repair based on the EFT model and attachment theory.
Assist partners in reprocessing the emotional responses that maintain relational distress.
Assist partners in shaping new interactional patterns and in creating bonding events.
Identify interventions to overcome therapeutic impasses with couples.

Comments from Past Participants:

“Debi was phenomenal and engaging.  She was genuine and fun.  I loved this training!” 

“Where can I go to have a dynamic training experience online? Just find DEBI!! Her expert knowledge and mastery in managing a group offered a safe and engaging learning opportunity. Despite being “disconnected” from the in-person experience, I felt deeply connected with Debi and other training participants. I would highly recommend her trainings!!!”

“Debi was right there with me the whole time. She is a great instructor and made me feel comfortable and engaged. I would do another course with her any time.”

“Debi got us practicing EFT techniques quickly while also allowing us to watch as she delivered EFT to live couples. It was amazing to watch in real time! I’d highly recommend the EFT externship and Debi as a trainer.”

“I thought 4 days in an online training was going to be hard.  Debi was engaging and kept me interested throughout.  It flew by and I didn’t want it to end”

“Debi was great fun and brought a sense of life and excitement to the entire experience.”

“Been to so many trainings over the past 20 years in my career and this by far was the best”

“LOVED it! Can’t wait to practice it! Debi was amazing — felt she was understanding.”

“Content is really well balanced between learning and experimenting. A well run workshop, thank you.”

“Debi is the best teacher EVER – clear, concise, supportive.”

“This was absolutely amazing! Very grateful.”

“Debi was very engaging, empathic, vulnerable and firmly planted in her beliefs, which made it easy to take a risk, be vulnerable, and quickly develop my belief in EFT”


Please note if you are interested in CEU’s there will be an additional fee of $40 to
be paid prior to the end of the event.

6201 Whitneyville Ave SE, Alto, MI 49302
Near Grand Rapids, MI

Cancellation Policy: There are no credit card refunds, only vouchers to apply to future trainings with Debi Scimeca-Diaz.  All cancellations are subjected to a 20% administrative fee. Cancellations received 45 days prior to the training will be given a voucher minus the 20% administrative fee. Cancellations received 44 days or less will be given a voucher of 50% of what was paid, minus the 20% administrative fee. Vouchers can be applied to the next externship in the same location led by Debi Scimeca-Diaz.